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More than 1.8 billion users rely on Varist Anti Malware to protect them against cyber-attacks and data loss.

Varist has its roots from Iceland originally, with FRISK Software and its founder Fridrik Skulason offering antivirus products branded F-PROT Antivirus for home and small business users as well as providing SDKs on the OEM market. In 2012, Commtouch (later named Cyren) acquired the Anti-Malware technology and added it to its portfolio of anti-spam, URL filtering and anti-phishing offerings.

In March 2023, OK, together with former employees of Cyren Iceland acquired the Anti-Malware business, operations are once again fully staffed and Anti-Malware detection efficacy is already caught up and providing competitive malware detection.

OK is a value-added reseller and provides managed services for a diverse group of customers including consumers, institutions, and enterprises from all major sectors in Iceland. OK was founded in 1985 and works with a wide range of partners, as well as being the sole distribution and support centre for HP Iceland.


Varist Anti-Malware

100+ mini engines scan unique objects within a file. Unpacks files and defeats obfuscation used by malware authors. Spots threats with heuristic analysis, advanced emulation, and intelligent signatures

Varist Hybrid Analyzer

With Varist Hybrid Analyzer you can scan EVERY file to find and block threats. Analyzes file properties and behavior at high speed and low cost. Gives you relevant and accurate information for real-time policy enforcement and incident response. Never compromise privacy for security; no cloud required

Important message to Cyren customers


For continued technical support for Cyren Anti-Malware products.

Email to [email protected]

For current Cyren customers to proceed with next steps of moving on with Varist.

Email to [email protected]

Temporarily the sample submissions can be made via email to

[email protected]

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